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to make a force unit, a force of 40.30 millinewtons (see appendix, Units of measurement)


NLem embol‑a, academic loan of
Koi ἐμβολ‑ή ‘thrust, battering ram’, nominalisation of
  Koi ἐμβάλλ‑ω ‘throw in’
SHell *en‑q̌ĺ̥l‑ō, compound of
  SHell *en ‘in’
PIE *h₁en
  SHell *q̌ĺ̥l‑ō ‘throw’, nasal-infix present of
PIE *gʷelh₁‑ ‘hit, throw’

Actually, this is a very low force for a battering ram.


Eng embolism, ballistic (via Gk βάλλω ‘throw’)