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to rustle; to whisper something-acc to someone-dat

Usage notes

The meaning ‘whisper’ is secondary; it developed from metaphorical use of ‘rustle’ and typically connotes a very quiet, friendly whisper.

This verb also, paradoxically, describes the sound of a boiling teapot before it starts to whistle.


NLem fprUf‑a
LMLem, MLem perpif‑a ‘move around (violently)’
OLem per‑pifh‑ ‘move around’, compound of
  OLem peri ‘around, through’
PLem, PIE *peri
  OLem pifh‑ ‘move’ [intr.]
PLem *pifh‑, i-reduplicated athematic present of
PIE *peh₁‑


Gk περί ‘about, around’; Ved vi-pipāná- ‘sorting out’