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to make clouds

frymjedÌ. cirrocumulus cloud
frymjcnÌzd. cirrus cloud

Usage notes

Meaning ‘cumulus, cumulonimbus cloud’ in NLem, this word has since been generalised to denote all clouds that neither rain nor snow – for which wzèc. and snèw. are used, respectively. It is also used when talking of clouds in general, without regard to rain or snow.


NLem frUn‑a
LMLem frìn‑a ‘boil, churn’
MLem friin‑a
OLem frīn‑
PLem *frīn‑, nasal-infix present of
PIE *h₃rei̯H‑


Eng run, Gk ὀρῑ́νω ‘stir up, churn’