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to make lizards


simplification, compound of
  ModLem fxàc. ‘dragon’
NLem fxurm‑a
LMLem, MLem fxurm‑yr
OLem fxurm‑
PLem *fxurm‑, of unknown origin; related to PIE *u̯ŕ̥mi‑s ‘worm’?
  ModLem crà. ‘1/4’, gender change of
NLem crumbw‑a ‘2/6’
LMLem crumbw‑yr, contamination of
MLem srumbw‑yr ‘few, little’
OLem srumbw‑
PLem *tsrumbw‑ ‘of little worth’, u-stem adjective of
PIE *dʰreu̯bʰ‑ ‘break’ [intr.], crumble’
MLem cambr‑yr ‘negligible’
OLem zhambr‑
PLem *dzambr‑ ‘few, little’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *dʰebʰ‑ ‘reduce’

Okay, this is just a simplification of a modern compound with epenthetic ext, meaning ‘little dragon’.