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to make rats


NLem grOms‑a
LMLem kurtrèmUs‑yr
MLem kurtreemUs‑yr
OLem kurtrē‑müs‑, compound of
  OLem kurtrē‑ ‘war’
PLem *kor‑trew‑ ‘war camp’, compound of
  PLem *kor‑ ‘war’
PIE *kór‑os
  PLem *trew‑ ‘dwelling’
PIE *tréb‑s
  OLem müs‑ ‘mouse’
PLem *mūs‑
PIE *múh₂s

The OLem word, probably an epithet or a taboo avoidance term, literally means ‘war-mouse’.


Ger Heer ‘army’; Eng mouse