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to be / act as a rogue, to behave in a rogue way, to be a rascal


NLem kxwar‑n‑a ‘unreliable, reckless, devil-may-care’, compound of
  NLem kxwar‑a ‘faeces’
LMLem, MLem kuxwar‑yr
OLem kuhwar‑
PLem *kohwar‑
PIE *k̑ókʷr̥
  NLem, LMLem n‑a ‘not’
MLem ne‑a
OLem ne‑, inflected form of
PLem *ne
PIE *ne ‘no, not’

The compound is probably based on the idea of someone ‘not giving a shit’.

doublet of khwà.


Gk κόπρος ‘dung, filth, dirt’; Eng no