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to make pictures (paintings, drawings, prints, photographs etc.)

Usage notes

This word refers to pictures as concrete objects, e.g. framed and hung on a wall or put in a photo album. The images shown on such objects are expressed with mÌ. plus a verb of painting, drawing, printing, etc., in the factive, or in certain constructions as such a verb with an inner accusative (analogous to ‘text’; see unit 14, Objects related to language).


NLem talf‑a
Besk tełf ‘picture, image’
PCelt *délw‑ā ‘figure, form, image’
PIE *délh₁‑u̯‑eh₂, u̯-stem noun of
  PIE *delh₁‑ ‘hew, split’

Like many other culture related terms, this was a loan introduced in the Tlöngö̀l, where a painting of a precipice plays a prominent role.


Ir dealbh ‘statue’, Lat doleō ‘hurt’