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to work (to do a task or job)

kRidrèt. carpenter, woodworker ( kRè drÌti. ‘one working with wood or timber’)

Usage notes

While etymologically ‘work with one’s hands’, this verb now denotes mental as well as physical work. Contrast smrà. ‘function, be in operation’, which either refers to machines or to humans (or animals) doing monotonous, often mindless and tiring work.


NLem teR‑a ‘touch (intentionally), grasp’
LMLem tèR‑a
MLem teeR‑a ‘touch’
OLem tēgh‑
PLem *tāɦ‑, Narten present of
PIE *teh₂g‑ ‘touch, grasp’


Lat tangō ‘touch, grasp’; unrelated to the dance