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to make crabs (also the constellation Cancer; see appendix, Constellations)


NLem krobl‑a ‘castle, stronghold; crab’
LMLem akròpoli‑yr ‘upper town, castle, stronghold’
Koi ἀκρό‑πολι‑ς, compound of
  Koi ἄκρ‑ος ‘sharp, topmost’
SHell *ákr‑os ‘sharp’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *h₂ek̑‑ ‘be sharp’
  Koi πόλι‑ς ‘city’
SHell *tpóli‑s ‘fortification’
PIE *tpólh₁i‑s

The NLem metaphorical use of the word for a stronghold to denote crabs comes from their defensive exoskeleton and pincers.

The literal use lives on in two words: kroblÌc. ‘Kroblizh, Shabar Castle, the castle of Lemaria’s capital’ with a singular poststem and kroblÌj. ‘[any] castle’, the corresponding plural from.


Lat aceō ‘be sour’; Eng police (via Gk πόλις ‘city’)