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to hunt, to chase someone/something-acc

krèt. also the constellation Orion (see appendix, Constellations)
krÙlt. to catch (up with) someone/something-dat

kratylàs. to hunt in vain; a vain hunt, a wild-goose chase (often used with inner ten: to intend / be about to go on a wild-goose chase; kràt ilÌsa.)

kràt spàzy. the pursuit of happiness


NLem, LMLem, MLem kart‑a
OLem kart‑
PLem *kars‑ ‘run’, root present of
PIE *k̑ers‑ or *k̑ers‑


Gk Ἐπί‑κουρος (Epicurus) ‘ally’ (lit. ‘one running with [someone]’), Lat currō ‘run’