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to help someone-dat with something-acc

Usage notes

Since at least Late Middle Lemizh times, the use of this verbs includes all kind of professional help, such as from paramedics, firefighters, etc.


NLem lorw‑a
LMLem alòrw‑yl
MLem al‑oerw‑yl ‘help’, lit. ‘foster for some amount of time, foster to some extent’, compound of
  MLem al‑a ‘nourish, foster’
OLem al‑
PLem *al‑, root present of
PIE *h₂el‑
  MLem oerw‑yl ‘amount’
Ghe oeᴛpʳ‑ə̄ /ɔ͜ɛr̠ʙɯː/


Eng ad‑olescent (via Lat ad‑olēscō ‘grow up’)