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to bind/tie something/someone-acc to something-dat with a rope

mùj. rope


NLem maljm‑a ‘restrain, bind with a rope’
LMLem, MLem malngw‑a ‘hinder, restrain’
OLem malngw‑
PLem *malngw‑, nasal-infix present of
PIE *melkʷ‑ ‘hinder, harm, destroy’

Ramo apparently was the first to let his sailors in the Tlöngö̀l use the tool noun of ‘restrain’ instead of the standard word for ‘rope’, NLem sxn‑a (<< PIE *sh₂ei̯‑ ‘fetter, bind’, cognate with Ger Seil ‘rope’).


Gk βλάπτω ‘hinder, harm’, Ved marcáyati ‘damage’