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to shine at something-dat (only of stars)

mèqx. star
mÌqx. starlight

memqxxalè. Antares, the star α Scorpii ( mèqx xalÌem. ‘the star like an apple; the Apple Star’)


NLem miqxp‑a
LMLem miqxp‑ar
MLem miqxpe‑ar, haplology of
OLem mithxpeir‑
PLem *mithx‑pāwar‑ ‘remote or far shining fire; star?’, compound of
  PLem *mithx‑ ‘remote, far’, o-stem adjective of
PIE *mei̯th₂‑ ‘change, remove’
  PLem *pāwar‑ ‘fire’ [inanimate]
PIE *péh₂u̯r̥


Lat mittō ‘send, release’, Ger meiden ‘avoid’; Eng fire