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to make temples (the regions of the head)

Usage notes

The temples were regarded as the location of the Règ. (soul, dæmon) particularly in LMLem times. They are still associated with positive, friendly, soft traits of a person.

That your temples hurt when your Règ. is unhappy is probably just a superstition.


poststem from plural of
NLem mel‑a
LMLem mitnèl‑yr
MLem mitne‑el‑yr, nominalisation, diminutive of
  MLem mit‑ne‑a ‘sleep’, compound of
  MLem mit‑a ‘wake’
OLem mit‑ ‘awake’
PLem *mis‑, o-stem adjective of
PIE *mei̯s‑ ‘open one’s eyes’
  MLem ne‑a ‘not’
OLem ne‑, inflected form of
PLem *ne
PIE *ne ‘no, not’

doublet of màt.


Ved miṣáti ‘opens the eyes’; Eng no