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to make birds

nymzdlÌb. flamingo (also the constellation in the region of Triangulum Australe, Pavo, Ara and Telescopium; see appendix, Constellations) ( nÌzd lÌbym. ‘a bird like a flower’)


NLem nezd‑a
LMLem, MLem nezd‑yr
OLem nizd‑ ‘nest’
PLem *nizd‑
PIE *nisd‑ós

The meaning ‘bird’ developed from MLem nezd‑ar, lit. ‘nest-builder’, which is attested in a few instances.

The word for ‘flamingo’ is a calque from Sikelian ραδαρν ‘rose-bird’.


Eng nest, Lat nīdus ‘nest’