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to acquaint someone-dat with someone/something-acc;
dat, perfect: to know someone/something-acc (personally, from one’s own experience)

Usage notes

In LMLem, the word specifically referred to a formal yet superficial introduction of new people in the neighbourhood, which was traditionally done by women. While this concept can still be felt today (as evidenced by the feminisation of the poststem), the meaning significantly broadened in NLem times to include acquaintance with things, events and facts.


gender change of
NLem nezadwr‑a ‘become acquainted, get to know’
LMLem nèzdwor‑a
MLem neezdwor‑a
OLem nēz‑dwor‑, compound of
  OLem nēz‑ ‘push’
PLem *newz‑, Narten present of
PIE *neu̯d‑
  OLem dwor‑ ‘pasture gate’
PLem *dwor‑
PIE *dʰu̯ór‑s ‘door’

The concept behind the OLem compound is ‘push open the door to someone(’s land) > make contact with someone’.


Ved nudáte ‘pushes’; Eng door