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to make poodles (also the constellation Canis Major; see appendix, Constellations)

Poodles make a sound rather like this.


NLem oRw‑xaf‑a, compound of
  NLem oRw‑a ‘hound’
LMLem, MLem oRw‑yr
Ghe oxfˇ‑ə̄ /ɔʁβɯː/ ‘dog’, an onomatopoeia
  NLem xaf‑a ‘water’
LMLem, MLem xaf‑yr
OLem xaf‑ ‘water, stream’
PLem *xaf‑ ‘water’ [animate], ‘stream’
PIE *h₂ép‑s

The poodle is named ‘water-hound’ for its qualities in waterfowl hunting. (Compare the English name, which is related to puddle.)


Ved ā́p ‘water’, Ir abhainn ‘river’