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dat: to evolve; evolution

Usage notes

This is the biological sense of the word. See also pifà. ‘develop’ and pifprà. ‘progress, improve’.


NLem pif‑en‑a, compound of
  NLem, LMLem, MLem pif‑a ‘move (purposefully)’
OLem pifh‑ ‘move’ [intr.]
PLem *pifh‑, i-reduplicated athematic present of
PIE *peh₁‑
  NLem en‑a ‘between’, inflected form of
LMLem, MLem en
OLem hen ‘in’
PLem *hen
PIE *h₁en

Coined in analogy to pifà. and pifprà., the concept being that of living beings constantly moving ‘between’ bounding conditions for fitness with regard to their environment.


Ved vi-pipāná- ‘sorting out’; Eng in