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to be angry with someone-dat/causal-receiving, about something-acc/causal-transporting (see unit 3, Ambiguous usage);
agentive caus, causal-reflexive: to anger someone-nom

Usage notes

Anger being a potentially constructive emotion has been recognised since Early New Lemizh times. In Modern Lemizh, this verb mainly evokes an energetic, extroverted kind of reaction.


gender change of
NLem pfi‑a
LMLem pifì‑yr ‘bulge’ [noun]
MLem pifii‑yr
OLem pifī‑ ‘swell’
PLem *pifī‑, i-reduplicated athematic present of
PIE *pei̯h₁‑

For some strange reason, masculinisation is common in verbs of emotion; see spàz. ‘be happy’.


Ved pínvate ‘swells’