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to make red deer (Cervus elaphus and, by extension, other species of Old World deer; also the constellation Stag, corresponding to Lyra and Hercules; see appendix, Constellations)

prèxt. (harsh) social critic, lit. ‘deer-maker’

Usage notes

Calling people red deer or saying they behave like deer (là prÌxtem.) refers to them quarrelling fruitlessly. The idea is that of two stags having got their antlers interlocked in their fight. This is a fairly recent metaphor. Calling a social critic a ‘deer-maker’ probably refers to them pointing out useless quarrels among people, thereby turning them metaphorically into red deer.


NLem prunt‑a ‘stag’
LMLem prùnt‑yr
MLem pruont‑yr
OLem pruont‑
PLem *pruont‑
PIE *pru‑ónt‑s ‘jumper’, Narten present active participle of
  PIE *preu̯‑ ‘jump’


Eng frog, Ved pravanta ‘jump’