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self-receiving: to smoke tobacco

qentÌ. tobacco smoke
qentù. tobacco pipe (also the constellation in the region of Leo, Sextans and Hydra; see appendix, Constellations)

qentuglùf. cigar ( qentù glÌfu. ‘rolled tobacco pipe/implement’)


NLem qent‑a ‘smoke (also tobacco)’
LMLem, MLem qent‑a ‘smoke (also herbs)’
OLem thent‑ ‘to smoke (also herbs)’
PLem *sent‑ ‘to smoke’, Narten present of
PIE *sen‑dʰh₁‑ ‘secrete’, compound of
  PIE *sen ‘aside, away’
  PIE *dʰeh₁‑ ‘put, make’

doublet of qnàt.


Eng cinder, Gk ὄνθος ‘dung’