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dat: to win something-acc from/against someone-nom

Usage notes

While this verb only meant achieving a victory in Late Middle Lemizh, it now also expresses getting a reward or price, as in English and many other languages.


NLem remst‑a
LMLem rè‑mizt‑yr, clarifying compound of
  LMLem rè‑a
MLem ree‑a ‘urge, force’
OLem hrē‑ ‘ask’
PLem *hrē‑, Narten present of
PIE *h₁reh₁‑
  LMLem, MLem mizt‑yr ‘reward’
OLem mizt‑
PLem *mizt‑
PIE *misdʰh₁‑ós ‘reward, wages’


Gk ἐρέω ‘ask’; Gk μισθός ‘reward, wages, pay’