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to serve as a minister, to head a ministry

sèsp. minister
sìsp. ministry (government department)
sòrsp. ministry building

Usage notes

Until early New Lemizh times, ministers were appointed for an indefinite time span and often amassed more money and power than reasonable. The situation got much better when they were prohibited from serving more than four years.

Understandably, Lemizh trust in politics is quite limited, which is part of the reason why democracy has been working for so long in this country. Thus, sùsp. ‘a means for heading a ministry’ is used to describe proceedings that are not entirely kosher.


NLem sasp‑a
LMLem Osàspt‑ar
MLem Osayspt‑ar
Ghe ösaəspt‑ā /œs̟a͜əs̟ptʌː/