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to play/sound a trumpet

saxèf. trumpet player; (metaphorically) someone alerting someone-dat to an opportunity
saxùf. trumpet; also the constellation Sagitta (see appendix, Constellations)

Usage notes

This term is often erroneously used for a kind of single-reed instrument made of brass, which looks somewhat similar but has a quite different method of sound production.

In modern times, the sound of a trumpet has become a metaphor for a call – successful or futile – to recognise a moment of Opportunity. The trumpet player themself, though, is oblivious to the meaning of the call.


irregular development of
NLem salpn‑a
LMLem sàlpink‑yr ‘war-trumpet’
Koi σάλπιγξ, of unknown origin

The expected modern form would be **sàxp.. The additional vowel and fricativisation of p is somewhat of a mystery. It has been variously attributed to folk etymology or contamination with the names of other instruments, but no conclusive explanation exists.