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to make/lay eggs


gender change of
NLem skrOngj‑a
LMLem, MLem dyrkterengj‑yr ‘thimble’
OLem dyrkter‑hengj‑, endocentric compound (tatpurusha) of
  OLem dyrkter‑ ‘finger’
PLem *darkter‑
PIE *dr̥gʰ‑tér‑s ‘holder (?)’, non-event agent of
  PIE *dregʰ‑ ‘hold (fast)’
  OLem hengj‑ ‘protection, armour’
PLem *hengj‑ ‘spines > protection, armour’
PIE *h₁ég̑ʰi‑s ‘hedgehog’

The meaning ‘egg’ is derived from the metaphorical use of ‘thimble’ as a protection for something tender and delicate, perhaps aided by the roughly similar shapes. This is one of the stranger introductions of the Tlöngö̀l.


Gk δράσσομαι ‘hold, seize’; Ger Igel ‘hedgehog’