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to make cabinets, cupboards

smrUlskwÌtx. bookcase ( smrÌsk wÌtxUl. ‘cupboard for books’)

smrÌsk gmril-cùwby. freezer (short: gmrilcùwb.)
smrÌsk gmrilcrùy. refrigerator (short: gmrilcrù.)


NLem smyrsk‑a
LMLem, MLem smarsk‑a ‘lend’
OLem smarsk‑
PLem *smarsk‑, sk̑-present of
PIE *smer‑ ‘allot; receive a share’

The NLem meaning is based on the idea that you ‘lend’ a cupboard items that it will later return to you.


Eng merit (via Lat mereō ‘deserve, earn’)