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to make more, to make a larger amount (often with qualitative; often compounded; see unit 11, Verbs of comparison and Comparative)

Usage notes

The difficulty of locating more of something (such as knowledge, wisdom) has been a common theme in literature and other arts since Late Middle Lemizh times; e.g. qàzg tìlcdy gwÌar. in the well-known song (‘Won’t you dance for me cos I just don’t care / What’s going on today, I think there’s something more…’). Compare àst..


gender change, anomalous poststem formation (under the influence of àst. ‘make the most’) of
NLem, LMLem tir‑a
MLem tiro‑a, back formation of
OLem comparative suffix ‑tiro‑
PLem *‑tero‑
PIE *‑tero‑s


Eng far‑ther, Gk comparative suffix ‑τερος