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to perform witchcraft

trèw. witch; also the constellation Virgo (see appendix, Constellations)

Usage notes

The idea that witches often come in threes is nicely matched by the phonological similarity to trÌ. ‘three’.


NLem trom‑a
LMLem tràmi‑yr ‘gut’
Koi τράμι‑ς, nominalisation of
SHell *tér‑mi ‘drill, rub’, root present of
PIE *terh₁‑

The NLem word literally means ‘gut-maker’; the concept was probably ‘someone making the guts whole = someone healing the innards’. Gender change was inhibited by the word trÌ..

doublet of tràd.


Lat terō ‘rub’, possibly Eng throw