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to be interested in something-acc/causal-transporting, also dat/causal-receiving (see unit 3, Ambiguous usage)


NLem vibwr‑a ‘fascinate’
LMLem vìbwyr‑a
MLem viibwyr‑a
OLem dhībwyr‑
PLem *dzī‑bwar‑ ‘be fascinated’, compound of
  PLem *dzī‑ ‘set one’s eyes on’, root present of
PIE *dʰei̯h₁‑
  PLem *bwar‑ ‘shiny, glossy’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *bʰeh₂‑ ‘shine’


Alb di ‘know’; Gk φαίνω ‘show, bring to light’