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to make branches

Usage notes

At least since Late Middle Lemizh, poets have used this word for singing of green, richly leaved branches and the music the wind elicits from them.


NLem weRdo‑a
LMLem wèRdò‑yr
MLem weeRdou‑yr
OLem wēgh‑dou‑, compound of
  OLem wēgh‑ ‘a nut tree’
PLem *bwāɦ‑ ‘beech’
PIE *bʰeh₂g‑ós
  OLem dou‑ ‘arm’
PLem *dow‑
PIE *dóu̯‑s


Eng book, Gk φηγός ‘oak’; Ved dós ‘arm’