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to make coats


gender change of
NLem wmU‑a ‘winter coat; cover’
LMLem wermÒ‑yr ‘winter coat’
MLem wermOO‑yr ‘coat’
OLem wer‑mö‑, compound of
  OLem wer‑ ‘carry, bear’
PLem *bwer‑, Narten present of
PIE *bʰer‑
  OLem mö‑ ‘fleece (?)’
PLem *mō‑
PIE *mói̯s

NLem wmUa ‘winter coat’ developed a metonymical meaning ‘to cover’, which became the primary meaning of the regular descendant ModLem wmà.. The original sense ‘coat’, i.e. the garment, mainly lives on in the masculinised form wmàf..


Eng bear ‘carry’; Lit maĩšas ‘sack’