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to protect someone/something-dat (from minor harm)

wzinskrùc. thimble (also the constellation which forms a small part of Centaurus, Crux and Musca; see appendix, Constellations) ( wzù skrùci. ‘means of protecting a finger’)


gender change of
NLem wzar‑k‑a ‘umbrella’, compound of
  NLem wzar‑a ‘rain’
LMLem, MLem wuzar‑yr
OLem wuzar‑
PLem *wozar‑ ‘water’ [inanimate]
PIE *u̯ódr̥, deverbal noun of
  PIE *u̯ed‑ ‘well, gush’
  NLem, LMLem, MLem k‑a ‘opposition’
Ghe q‑a /qa/

doublet of wzàhk.


Eng water, undulate (via Lat unda ‘wave’), Gk ὕδωρ ‘water’