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to make cranes (the birds; also the constellation corresponding roughly to Columba and Caelum; see appendix, Constellations)


NLem xajR‑a
LMLem xàj‑Rarj‑yr, compound of
  LMLem xàj‑yr ‘waterfowl’
MLem xayj‑yr ‘(water?) bird’
OLem xayj‑ ‘bird’
PLem *xawj‑
PIE *h₂éu̯i‑s
  LMLem, MLem Rarj‑ar ‘colour’
OLem gharj‑
PLem *ggharj‑ ‘paint, anoint’, root present of
PIE *gʰrei̯‑

The bird, originally just the common crane (Grus grus), is named for its prominent black, white and red head.


Lat avis ‘bird’; Eng grimace, Gk χρίω ‘paint, anoint’