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to make mountains

xijqjmÌx. iceberg ( xÌjq jmÌxi. ‘mountain made from ice’)

Usage notes

Living in a relatively flat country, the Lemizh threshold for calling something a mountain is pretty low. Their highest mountain, at the border to Heptengia, is 2544 metres above sea level; for (say) Danubians, this is scarcely more than a hill.


NLem xojqt‑a
LMLem xòjfust‑yr ‘rock’
MLem xoujfust‑yr
OLem xoujfust‑
PLem *xowj‑fost‑ ‘rock, boulder (in a pasture or field)’, compound of
  PLem *xowj‑ ‘pasture’
PIE *h₂óu̯i‑s ‘sheep’
  PLem *fost‑ ‘bone’
PIE *h₃ésth₁


Eng ewe; Lat os ‘bone’