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acc: to blow (of a gale or strong breeze)

xRÌbv. gale, strong breeze
xRèbv. gale (poetic, personifying)

xRèmbv rilckÌOr. a silly person, especially one who acts against their own interests by not thinking something through (lit. ‘someone like the North Wind’ — after a story in which the North Wind tries to get a traveller to take of his coat by making him cold)

Usage notes

see xnàt.


NLem xURbw‑a ‘strong breeze’
LMLem xÙRbw‑yr ‘wind force 3/6’
MLem xU‑yRbw‑yr, compound of
  MLem xU‑a ‘blow’
OLem xü‑
PLem *xū‑, root present of
PIE *h₂u̯eh₁‑
  MLem yRbw‑yr ‘3/6’
Ghe xpˡ‑ə̄ /ʁbʷɯː/

This word comes from the Middle Lemizh nautical wind scale. It has entered everyday language and hasn’t been used in its old technical sense for well over a millennium.


Eng wi‑nd