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to make comets


NLem xUxter‑a, academic loan of
OLem xü‑xter‑, compound of
  OLem xü‑ ‘blow’
PLem *xū‑, root present of
PIE *h₂u̯eh₁‑
  OLem xter‑ ‘planet’
PLem *xter‑
PIE *h₂stér‑s ‘star’

The regular NLem outcome would be xter‑a (with apocope of U), which is homophonous with the word for ‘star’; so, the word was re-made from OLem.

The literal meaning ‘blowing/blown planet’ could refer to its ‘blowing’ tail or to comets’ habit of disappearing, as if they were blown away with the wind.


Eng wi‑nd; Eng star