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to mow/cut something-dat with a sickle

yhlùgz. sickle; also the constellation Norma (see appendix, Constellations)


NLem yh‑algz‑a, compound of
  NLem yh‑a ‘scythe’
LMLem, MLem yhh‑a ‘mow (with a scythe or sickle)’
Ghe əshshⁿ‑a /əʃʃa/, an onomatopoeia
  NLem algz‑a ‘little, dear’ [term of endearment]
LMLem, MLem algjw‑yr
OLem algghw‑
PLem *algghw‑, u-stem adjective of
PIE *legʰ‑ ‘slight, small, light’

doublet of yhà.


Lat levis ‘light, quick, trifling’