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to make (colour) orange

yphilkà. to make (colour) cerulean (blue-green, a colour between blue and cyan/turquoise)

Usage notes

While the Gheans applied the term əpshqⁿə̄ only to a specific hue of orange, which they despised, the range of meaning was somewhat widened in Early New Lemizh. Modern Lemizh views the complete range between red and yellow as yphÌ.; and any negative connotations are obsolete.

Being the only ‘female’ of the basic colour words (see the etymology section), orange is perceived as overwhelmingly girly.


gender change of
NLem yphakn‑a
LMLem, MLem yphkn‑yr
Ghe əpshqⁿ‑ə̄ /əpʃqⁿɯː/

Gender change was caused by simplification of yphilk-kÌ. ‘cerulean’ to yphil-kÌ..