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to make goats

Usage notes

Goats are known for their intelligence. To compliment someone on an intelligent thought or act, you can say sklág viì ysrÌy. ‘You proved [to be] a goat’ or simply ysrá vìi. ‘You [actively] turned into a goat, you made yourself a goat’. These idioms are attested from Early New Lemizh, although the association must have existed earlier: the modern word for ‘intelligent’ is actually derived from the native MLem name for goats. — Compare edÌ. ‘sheep’.


NLem ysr‑a
LMLem Ìassr‑yr
MLem yyassr‑yr
Ghe ə̄asspʳ‑ə̄ /ɯː͜ar̥r̥ʙɯː/