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to (com)press, squeeze something-dat into some shape-acc [e.g. flat]; to crush something-dat to something-acc [e.g. parts, dust];
dat: to contract; to crush to something-acc

Usage notes

The ‘deforming’ and ‘destroying’ meanings are distinguished by the acc object or – often simpler – by instead using a nominal verb expressing a shape, versus nominal verbs such as skràp. ‘split, turn into parts’, cnàxw. ‘turn into dust’, etc.


poststem from plural of
NLem, LMLem, MLem yz‑a ‘crush’
Ghe əsˇ‑a /əz̟a/

The ‘plural’ poststem probably stems from the fact that crushing results in multiple fragments; the ‘deforming’ meaning is relatively young.