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to do science, to work as a scientist on something-acc; science


NLem zvor‑mev‑a, compound of
  NLem zvor‑a ‘friend’
LMLem, MLem swisor‑yr ‘sibling’
OLem swisor‑
PLem *swesor‑ ‘sister’
PIE *su̯ésor‑s
  NLem mev‑a ‘wise’
LMLem, MLem mev‑yr
OLem medh‑ ‘measure, look after, enforce’
PLem *medh‑, Narten present of
PIE *med‑

This is a NLem learned calque from Koi φιλοσοφίᾱ ‘philosophy, science’, lit. ‘love of wisdom’.

See also zvà..


Eng sister; Ger messen ‘measure’ (but not Eng measure)