lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Serpent (RÌz.)

This is the Wise One’s serpent (Serpens in our nomenclature), which he holds in his hands. It is the symbol of his wisdom. The Serpent’s head is at the western end; it is looking threateningly northeast towards the Stag, completely ignoring the Mechanic. The Wise One’s other animal is the Eagle.

See also Ràz. in the dictionary.

The 126 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11β/27 Her (Kornephoros)4.642.78
1010Hip 808980.685.76
1111s Her1.375.24
1212Hip 816700.276.07
1313Hip 827641.175.39
22γ/20 Her3.363.74
202016 Her0.735.72
2121Hip 800210.316.04
2222q Her0.246.09
2323Hip 789850.166.15
2424ω/24 Her (Cujam)2.264.57
2525Hip 820280.895.60
2626Hip 805140.216.11
33γ/41 Ser3.223.85
3030Hip 778350.086.21
3131φ Ser0.975.54
3232r/5 Her1.565.10
333339 Ser0.276.07
3434Hip 779950.016.26
3535κ/7 Her (Marsic)1.695.00
36368 Her0.196.13
3737Hip 779021.095.45
3838ρ/38 Ser2.034.74
393945 Ser0.855.63
44β/28 Ser3.483.65
4040υ/31 Ser0.745.71
4141τ⁶/19 Ser0.366.00
4242Hip 774120.395.98
4343τ⁸/26 Ser0.166.15
4444τ⁵/18 Ser0.455.93
4545χ/20 Ser1.245.34
4646κ/35 Ser (Gudja)2.904.09
4747τ⁷/22 Ser0.635.80
4848τ³/15 Ser0.236.10
4949τ²/12 Ser0.076.22
4A4Aι/21 Ser2.344.51
4B4Bτ¹/9 Ser1.485.16
4C4CHip 755350.016.26
4D4DHip 743860.495.90
55δ/13 Ser3.283.80
505016 Ser1.345.26
5151Hip 763720.316.04
5252Hip 767330.076.22
66α/24 Ser (Unukalhai)4.842.63
6060Hip 771630.935.57
6161λ/27 Ser2.464.42
626210 Ser1.495.15
63633 Ser1.265.32
64645 Ser1.645.04
65656 Ser1.225.35
77ε/37 Ser3.403.71
7070ω/34 Ser1.415.21
7171Hip 784420.605.82
7272ψ/23 Ser0.555.86
737343 Ser0.276.07
7474Hip 791200.455.93
7575Hip 791370.455.93
7676Hip 788400.006.27
777747 Ser0.775.69
88δ/1 Oph (Yed Prior)4.702.73
8080Hip 794630.016.26
8181Hip 797810.126.18
8282Hip 791951.175.39
8383Hip 802270.046.24
99ε/2 Oph (Yed Posterior)4.043.23
9090Hip 806201.375.24
919118 Sco1.045.49
929216 Sco1.125.43
9393ψ/15 Sco1.784.93
9494ξ Sco1.904.84
AAζ/13 Oph4.962.54
A0A020 Oph2.174.64
A1A1υ/3 Oph2.194.62
A2A2Hip 814400.296.05
A3A3Hip 807930.815.66
A4A4Hip 829790.166.15
A5A5Hip 822590.326.03
A6A6χ/17 Sco1.375.24
A7A723 Oph1.385.23
A8A830 Oph1.934.82
BBη/35 Oph (Sabik)5.102.43
B0B0Hip 844020.395.98
B1B1Hip 838540.395.98
B2B2Hip 847920.326.03
B3B3ν/53 Ser2.594.32
B4B4Hip 823390.126.18
B5B5Hip 839621.125.43
B6B6Hip 826210.555.86
B7B7GJ 95741.814.91
B8B8Hip 845240.256.08
CCξ/55 Ser3.633.54
C0C0Hip 862660.445.94
C1C1Hip 870740.455.93
C2C2ο/56 Ser2.704.24
C3C3Hip 853970.096.20
C4C4Hip 860190.975.54
C5C5Hip 863130.715.74
C6C6Hip 878130.455.93
DDν/64 Oph3.923.32
D0D0Hip 875400.136.17
D1D1τ/69 Oph1.994.77
D2D2Hip 886700.575.84
D3D3Y Oph0.126.18
D4D4Hip 881010.555.86
D5D5μ/57 Oph2.254.58
D6D6Hip 878471.105.44
D7D7Hip 859220.885.61
D8D8Hip 853652.314.53
EEη/58 Ser4.043.23
E0E0Hip 895870.375.99
E1E1Hip 902530.166.15
E2E2c/60 Ser1.185.38
E3E361 Ser0.455.93
E4E4d/59 Ser1.425.20
E5E5Hip 886840.715.74
E6E6e Ser0.685.76
E7E7ζ/57 Ser2.194.62
FFμ/32 Ser3.633.54
F0F0Hip 774640.985.53
F1F1b/36 Ser1.575.09
F2F2A²/25 Ser1.175.39
F3F3Hip 772870.046.24
F4F4A¹/11 Ser1.025.50
F5F550 Lib0.985.53
F6F68 Ser0.216.11
F7F7Hip 749010.525.88