lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Mechanic (jhèj.)

The Mechanic, in ancient times known as the Craftsman, is what we know as Boötes and Corona Borealis, or herdsman and northern crown. He holds the crown he has succeeded in creating in his right hand. However, the Serpent has denied him its wisdom regarding music, so he failed constructing the Trumpet – he has just thrown it over his head in exasperation, in the direction of the River. In some old star charts, his left hand holds a pendulum instead.

See also jhàj. in the dictionary.

The 155 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/16 Boo (Arcturus)8.40-0.05
1010Hip 697510.036.25
1111f/22 Boo1.165.40
121220 Boo1.904.84
1313Hip 698290.575.84
141426 Boo0.485.91
1515d/12 Boo1.934.82
161614 Boo0.985.53
171715 Boo1.305.29
1818Hip 703271.874.86
1919Hip 703840.445.94
1A1AHip 704140.116.19
22ε/36 Boo (Izar)5.212.35
2020W/34 Boo1.954.80
2121Hip 725520.635.80
2222Hip 724120.166.15
2323Hip 710940.366.00
2424GJ 5640.555.86
2525ψ/43 Boo2.334.52
2626ω/41 Boo1.954.80
2727Hip 703100.076.22
2828Hip 717290.196.13
2929c/45 Boo1.784.93
2A2AHip 740960.605.82
33δ/49 Boo3.733.46
303050 Boo1.185.38
3131Hip 745610.395.98
3232Hip 755721.085.46
3333Hip 736341.005.52
3434Hip 730680.206.12
3535μ¹/51 Boo (Alkalurops)2.614.31
3636Hip 766170.206.12
3737ζ¹/7 CrB2.174.64
3838κ/11 CrB1.974.79
44β/42 Boo (Nekkar)3.693.49
404040 Boo0.845.64
4141Hip 745710.206.12
4242Hip 745140.116.19
4343Hip 752570.945.56
4444Hip 750930.176.14
4545ν¹/52 Boo1.645.04
4646ν²/53 Boo1.714.98
4747Hip 753690.276.07
4848μ/6 CrB1.505.14
4949φ/54 Boo1.365.25
4A4Ai/44 Boo1.914.83
4B4BHip 757700.166.15
55γ/27 Boo (Seginus)4.293.04
5050Hip 712770.336.02
5151Hip 707620.076.22
5252Hip 720120.735.72
5353Hip 724690.166.15
5454Hip 725821.065.47
5555A Boo1.954.80
5656Hip 672501.015.51
5757Hip 672100.475.92
5858Hip 676652.014.76
5959Hip 676050.515.89
66ρ/25 Boo3.593.57
6060σ/28 Boo2.394.47
6161Hip 708920.286.06
6262Hip 693160.176.14
636311 Boo0.056.23
64649 Boo1.665.02
6565Hip 677820.485.91
7070λ/19 Boo (Xuange)2.784.18
7171Hip 690381.525.13
727233 Boo1.175.39
7373Hip 715680.715.74
7474Hip 695690.056.23
7575h/38 Boo (Merga)0.685.76
7676Hip 671940.525.88
8080θ/23 Boo (Asellus Primus)2.964.04
8181Hip 698180.116.19
8282ι/21 Boo (Asellus Secundus)2.024.75
8383κ²/17 Boo (Asellus Tertius)2.314.53
8484g/24 Boo0.925.58
8585Hip 712800.715.74
8686Hip 715730.595.83
8787Hip 711110.715.74
888839 Boo0.785.68
8989GJ 38800.855.63
8A8Ak/47 Boo0.905.59
8B8BHip 765940.575.84
8C8CHip 769571.055.48
99β/3 CrB (Nusakan)3.473.66
9090η/2 CrB1.704.99
9191ο/1 CrB1.015.51
9292θ/4 CrB2.834.14
9393χ/48 Boo1.325.28
9494π/9 CrB0.935.57
9595b/46 Boo0.805.67
AAα/5 CrB (Alphecca)5.382.22
A0A0Hip 756740.356.01
A1A1Hip 748960.785.68
BBγ/8 CrB3.273.81
B0B0δ/10 CrB2.234.59
B1B1R CrB0.515.89
C0C0ε/13 CrB2.834.14
C1C1ι/14 CrB1.714.98
C2C2Hip 796860.176.14
C3C3π/44 Ser1.934.82
C4C410 Her0.715.74
C5C5υ/18 CrB0.635.80
C6C6ρ/15 CrB1.175.39
DDη/8 Boo (Muphrid)4.772.68
D0D07 Boo0.745.71
D1D1τ/4 Boo2.354.50
D2D2υ/5 Boo2.954.05
D3D3e/6 Boo1.794.92
D4D410 Boo0.685.76
D5D51 Boo0.725.73
D6D6Hip 682790.356.01
D7D7Hip 680300.156.16
D8D8Hip 669920.206.12
D9D92 Boo0.855.63
DADAHip 677140.236.10
DBDB3 Boo0.405.97
DCDCGJ 5380.006.27
DDDDHip 666400.935.57
DEDEHip 685940.126.18
DFDFHip 684980.395.98
EEζ/30 Boo3.313.78
E0E0Hip 717590.455.93
E1E1Hip 722080.655.78
E2E232 Boo0.965.55
E3E3π¹/29 Boo2.374.49
E4E4ο/35 Boo2.224.60
E5E5Hip 730870.495.90
E6E6GJ 38620.495.90
E7E7Hip 731660.735.72
E8E8Hip 721390.166.15
E9E918 Boo1.145.41
EAEA31 Boo1.874.86
EBEBξ/37 Boo2.304.54
ECECGJ 5670.366.00
EDEDHip 741210.156.16
EEEEHip 740000.326.03
FF109 Vir3.383.73
F0F0108 Vir0.785.68
F1F1Hip 726290.126.18
F2F2Hip 724490.166.15
F3F3Hip 721220.286.06
F4F4M Ser1.015.51
F5F5110 Vir2.504.39
F6F6Hip 733500.485.91
F7F7Hip 708940.415.96
F8F8Hip 735360.745.71
F9F9Hip 709490.356.01
FAFAGJ 5470.036.25
FBFBHip 740260.156.16
FCFCHip 704001.565.10
FDFDHip 700220.126.18
FEFE4 Ser0.865.62
FFFFHip 693891.704.99