lemÌc. Lemizh grammar and dictionary

Constellation Stag (prÌxt.)

This contellation, literally ‘the red deer’, depicts a stag running southeast. Its head and antlers correspond to our constellation Lyra, its body roughly to Hercules. It is often seen as a representation of the White Stag, which will grant you a wish if you catch it, but only after it has led you into forbidden territory.

Two dangers threaten the Stag, the Dragon and the Serpent. They are looking at the (completely unfazed) Stag to challenge it, or maybe, in case of the Serpent, to avoid looking at the Mechanic.

The Stag is sometimes described as an alternate persona of the Hunter.

See also pràxt. in the dictionary.

The 170 naked-eye stars

In the ‘Our designation’ column, letters (sometimes with superscript numbers) in front of constellation symbols refer to Bayer’s catalogue or to variable star designations, and numbers to Flamsteed’s catalogue. Row colours roughly approximate the stars’ colours. The links lead to the stars’ entries in the SIMBAD Astronomical Database.

Designation (hex)Our designationlbrm
11α/3 Lyr (Vega)8.290.03
1010XY Lyr0.336.02
1111ε²/5 Lyr2.234.59
1212ε¹/4 Lyr2.134.67
1313ζ¹/6 Lyr2.574.34
1414Hip 914910.036.25
1515μ/2 Lyr1.545.11
1717Hip 920980.286.06
1818κ/1 Lyr2.584.33
1919Hip 896040.206.12
1A1AHip 928311.085.46
1B1BHip 912500.086.21
1C1CHip 894820.945.56
1D1DR/13 Lyr2.914.08
22β/10 Lyr (Sheliak)3.663.52
2020ν¹/8 Lyr0.455.93
2121ν²/9 Lyr1.405.22
2222Hip 928330.375.99
2323Hip 922430.286.06
2424Hip 918830.785.68
2525Hip 912351.145.41
2626Hip 925510.236.10
2727Hip 911190.236.10
2828δ²/12 Lyr2.724.22
2929δ¹/11 Lyr0.925.58
2A2AHip 909231.065.47
33γ/14 Lyr (Sulafat)4.013.25
3030GJ 7381.425.20
3131λ/15 Lyr1.774.94
3232Hip 933540.316.04
3333Hip 937180.855.63
343417 Lyr1.425.20
3535Hip 937200.276.07
363619 Lyr0.455.93
3737Hip 946300.525.88
3838Hip 925500.076.22
3939Hip 938430.985.53
3A3AHip 927680.845.64
3B3BHip 933930.775.69
3C3CHip 932561.345.26
44ξ/92 Her3.423.70
4040ν/94 Her2.474.41
4141Hip 873081.015.51
4242Hip 869250.076.22
4343Hip 886360.735.72
4444Hip 881900.356.01
55π/67 Her4.133.16
5050e/69 Her2.174.64
5151c Her1.145.41
5252ρ/75 Her2.824.15
5353Hip 851810.036.25
5454Hip 846560.405.97
555561 Her0.116.19
5656Hip 834940.256.08
5757Hip 853820.445.94
5858Hip 849490.965.55
5959u/68 Her1.954.80
5A5AHip 839471.605.07
5B5Bw/72 Her1.185.38
66η/44 Her3.713.48
6060Hip 821720.555.86
616125 Her0.985.53
6262σ/35 Her2.754.20
6363g/30 Her1.914.83
6464Hip 820120.276.07
6565GJ 95571.055.48
6666Hip 823550.126.18
6767Hip 793580.865.62
6868τ/16 CrB2.054.73
6969Hip 786490.645.79
6A6AHip 782760.885.61
6B6Bλ/12 CrB1.125.43
77ζ/40 Her4.602.81
7070Hip 824260.156.16
7171Hip 819110.336.02
7272ξ/19 CrB1.874.86
7373Hip 808880.036.25
7474ν²/21 CrB1.165.40
7575ν¹/20 CrB1.425.20
767639 Her0.475.92
7777σ/17 CrB1.385.23
88ε/58 Her3.123.92
808053 Her1.245.34
818150 Her0.725.73
8282d/59 Her1.335.27
99δ/65 Her (Sarin)4.193.12
909063 Her0.096.20
9191Hip 844310.375.99
9292Hip 848211.215.36
939370 Her1.525.13
9494Hip 845990.036.25
959573 Her0.765.70
9696Hip 833670.685.76
9797Hip 836920.945.56
9898λ/76 Her (Maasym)2.474.41
9999Hip 832540.775.69
9A9A57 Her0.006.27
9B9BHip 846910.785.68
9C9C56 Her0.286.06
9D9D51 Her1.655.03
9E9EHip 853851.005.52
AAμ/86 Her3.793.42
A0A087 Her1.575.09
A1A189 Her1.065.47
A2A283 Her0.945.56
A3A378 Her0.815.66
A4A484 Her0.725.73
A5A5Hip 861780.316.04
A6A6Hip 864620.296.05
A7A779 Her0.685.76
A8A8Hip 857150.855.63
BBτ/22 Her3.143.91
B0B0Hip 809530.885.61
B1B1φ/11 Her2.714.23
B2B2Hip 799530.455.93
B3B3Hip 812890.595.83
B4B4υ/6 Her2.064.72
B5B542 Her1.874.86
B6B6Hip 793570.515.89
B7B7Hip 782860.316.04
B8B852 Her1.934.82
B9B92 Her1.225.35
BABA4 Her0.725.73
BBBBHip 826110.375.99
BCBCχ/1 Her2.224.60
BDBD17 Dra1.605.07
BEBEHip 765680.685.76
BFBFHip 785420.455.93
CCθ/91 Her3.203.86
C0C0Hip 880200.326.03
C1C1Hip 888361.045.49
C2C2f/90 Her1.465.17
C3C3Hip 874450.356.01
C4C4Hip 890080.935.57
C5C5Hip 892790.316.04
C6C6Hip 860960.196.13
C7C7Hip 882770.126.18
DDο/103 Her3.233.84
D0D0b/99 Her1.625.05
D1D1100 Her0.595.83
D2D2A/104 Her1.744.96
D3D3Hip 898270.356.01
D4D4t/107 Her1.535.12
D5D5108 Her0.885.61
D6D6Hip 902560.006.27
D7D7Hip 903420.615.81
D8D8Hip 891560.395.98
E0E0θ/21 Lyr2.554.35
E1E1Hip 949320.036.25
E2E2η/20 Lyr (Aladfar)2.454.43
E3E3Hip 942800.096.20
E4E44 Cyg1.465.17
E5E5ι/18 Lyr1.365.25
E6E6Hip 931040.515.89
E7E7Hip 931770.096.20
E8E8Hip 952350.246.09
F0F015 Cyg1.834.89
F1F1Hip 973760.595.83
F2F2Hip 976510.196.13
F3F3Hip 975380.206.12
F4F411 Cyg0.326.03
F5F519 Cyg1.455.18
F6F622 Cyg1.754.95
F7F7Hip 959530.016.26
F8F8Hip 969070.076.22
F9F9Hip 976340.785.68
FAFAHip 967240.236.10
FBFB8 Cyg2.034.74
FCFCHip 981941.085.46