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verb: (have learned) gwìlt.; (know from school, have learned in school) skholìl. (both: dat: about something-acc [with inner non-fact, e.g. aff for actions]; dat: how to do something-acc [with inner fact]);

(have heard, know from hearsay) xOìlj. (dat: about something-acc [with inner non-fact, e.g. aff for having been told it]; dat: something-nom);
(have seen, know by sight) dmìlt. (dat: something-nom);
(have read) ìlsh. (dat: about something-acc)

(know personally / from one’s own experience, be acquainted with) nezìl. (dat: someone/something-acc);

or untranslated, especially with verbs of communication, e.g. know that one must do dìlxt. (dat: something-acc)

see also unit 14, ‘about’, and unit 10, Stative verbs

on ‘know’ not presupposing the truth of the known thing (the acc object), see Grammatical reality on the pragmatics pages