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to make/build ships (also the constellation corresponding to parts of Carina, Vela and Puppis; see appendix, Constellations)

ykhÌk. airplane ( Ìkh Ùky. ‘ship for / benefitting from the air’)
ykhRÌzw. tram, streetcar (‘ship for streets’) – colloquially RÙzw.
ykhtÌcs. railway train (‘ship for dry land’) – colloquially tÙcs.
ykhtxÌb. underground railway train, tube train (‘ship for tunnels’) – colloquially txÙb. (especially in Shabar, the Lemizh capital)

Usage notes

Being a seafaring nation, the Lemizh use the word for ‘ship’ – pars pro toto – for other means of transport as well; see the compounds above.


NLem akx‑a
LMLem, MLem akx‑yr
Ghe aqx‑ə̄ /aqχɯː/