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to make tunnels

txÙb. (colloquial; especially in Shabar, the Lemizh capital) underground railway train, tube train (short form of ykhtxÌb. Ìkh txÙby. ‘ship benefitting from tunnels’)


NLem txubl‑a
LMLem txubl‑yr
MLem txublu‑yr ‘cave’
OLem txu‑blu‑, exocentric compound (bahuvrihi) of
  OLem txu‑ ‘doubtful, indecisive’
PLem *txu‑, u-stem adjective of
PIE *deh₂‑ ‘split’
  OLem blu‑ ‘strong’
PLem *blu‑, u-stem adjective of
PIE *bel‑

The Old Lemizh seemed to have named caves as places ‘of doubtful strength/stability’.


Gk δαίομαι ‘divide’; Gk βελτίων ‘better’