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to make hardly any(thing) (relative weight 1⁄8; see unit 7, Weighting numerals – usually with partitive bracket; see unit 8, Cardinal numerals)

Usage notes

The Middle and Old Lemizh sense of ‘negligible, trivial, not worth mentioning’ is still palpable today.


NLem cambr‑a
LMLem cambr‑yr
MLem cambr‑yr ‘negligible’
OLem zhambr‑
PLem *dzambr‑ ‘few, little’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *dʰebʰ‑ ‘reduce’

See Ràbv. for information on Ghean weighting numerals.


Ved dabhnóti ‘deceives’, Lv dâbt ‘strike, beat’