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crà. [1]

to make few, little, a bit (relative weight 1⁄4; see unit 7, Weighting numerals – usually with partitive bracket; see unit 8, Cardinal numerals)

crURÌjg. vitamin ( crÌ RàjgU. ‘a bit for life’)


gender change of
NLem crumbw‑a ‘2/6’
LMLem crumbw‑yr, contamination of
MLem srumbw‑yr ‘few, little’
OLem srumbw‑
PLem *tsrumbw‑ ‘of little worth’, u-stem adjective of
PIE *dʰreu̯bʰ‑ ‘break’ [intr.], crumble’
MLem cambr‑yr ‘negligible’
OLem zhambr‑
PLem *dzambr‑ ‘few, little’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *dʰebʰ‑ ‘reduce’

See Ràbv. for information on Ghean weighting numerals.


Gk θρύπτω ‘crush, grind’

crà. [2]

Usage notes

Occurs only in the compound vmyjcrÌ. ‘death cap’, lit. ‘underworldly agaric’. Often misinterpreted as ‘a bit of an agaric’ or ‘an agaric not doing much’, which is seen as rather cynical. As an independent word, it is last attested in LMLem as cUrer ‘underworld’ and cUryr ‘underworldly’.


NLem cUr‑a ‘underworldly’
LMLem, MLem cUr‑yr
OLem zhür‑ ‘underworld’
PLem *dzuwr‑ ‘deep’, r-stem adjective of
PIE *dʰeu̯b‑


Eng deep, TochB taupe ‘mine’ (as in mining)