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to make quite a lot (relative weight 5⁄8; see unit 7, Weighting numerals – usually with partitive bracket; see unit 8, Cardinal numerals)

also an old language game for four, five, seven or ten players, focusing on abstract thought. Although the game is 4000 years old, this cover term only came into use by Early New Lemizh times when it still meant ‘make full’.


NLem bmin‑a ‘full’
LMLem, MLem pylmen‑yr
OLem pylhmen‑
PLem *palhmen‑
PIE *pl̥h₁‑mh̥₁n‑ós ‘filled’, root present mediopassive participle of
  PIE *pleh₁‑ ‘fill, become full’

See Ràbv. for information on Ghean weighting numerals.

doublet of dmà.


Eng full, Lat plēnus ‘full’